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Hormone OptimizationSPOTLIGHT SERVICE

Are your hormones to blame for the way you’re feeling?

A reduction in one or more hormone levels within our body may occur as we age. This may have a negative impact on the way you feel, and oftentimes, lead to many negative symptoms which affect your entire quality of life. To optimize your health, we’re here to help!

Have any of the following symptoms?

Fatigue / Lethargy

Weight Gain

Mental Fog

Frequent Illnesses

Hair Loss

Low Libido

Chronic Pain

Depression / Anxiety

Hormone Optimization, Hormone Replacement Therapy - Yuma, AZ 85364
Wellness Consultations | Yuma, AZ 85364

How we can help…

Hormone Replacement Therapy - Yuma,AZ

Hormone Optimization

We offer Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) using all delivery methods including pellets, injections, patches, pills, creams/gels.

Wellness Consultations - Yuma,AZ

Functional Wellness

We understand how important it is to listen to our patients, we view our patients as a greater whole, and will apply our focus on the root of the problem to help you achieve optimal health.

Weight Loss Clinic - Yuma,AZ

Body Transformation & Weight Management

We offer the tools, expertise, and dedication needed to help you accomplish lasting and profound results. We place focus on fat loss, muscle building, and overall function of the body.

Peptide Therapy - Yuma,AZ

Peptide Therapy

We offer the exciting, cutting-edge therapy aimed at improving fat loss, cognitive & sexual function. Increasing energy, strength, & performance. Accelerating wound healing, reducing inflammation, and so much more. These small chains of amino acids are the building blocks of protein and simply put, “a game changer” when it comes to optimal health & longevity!

Peptide Therapy - Yuma,AZ

PRP Hair Restoration

Harness the power of your body’s natural healing abilities to stimulate hair follicles, improve blood circulation, and promote the growth of new, healthier hair with PRP with PDO threads. Say goodbye to hair loss and hello to a fuller, more confident you.

Peptide Therapy - Yuma,AZ

PRP Joint Injections

Discover joint pain relief with PRP Joint Injections. PRP injections offer a natural and effective way to treat arthritis, tendon injuries, and joint pain by tapping into your body’s own healing mechanisms.

Weight Loss & Management | Yuma, AZ 85364
Peptide Therapy, IV Hydration, Vitamin Injections | Yuma,AZ 85364

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Our Team

Lindsy Nungaray<br />

Lindsy Nungaray


Owner | Medical Director

About Your Provider

Lindsy Nungaray is Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing at Pacific College of Nursing in Costa Mesa, CA, as well as a Masters of Science Degree in Nursing with an emphasis on Family Practice Medicine from The University of Phoenix. Lindsy has continued her education focusing on hormone health optimization and is a proud EvexiPEL® Provider, offering bioidentical hormone pellet therapy to all of her adult patients. She continues to advance her knowledge to better assist her patients and is a current student of The American Academy of Functional Health where she will soon earn a Functional & Nutritional Medicine Practitioner Certification. She has attained many certificates including subjects in Definitive Medical Weight Loss, Advanced Clinical Peptide Treatment, IV Infusion Therapy, and Functional Vitamin, supplement, & Nutrition. She thrives on results and is both dedicated and determined to improve the overall wellness of each patient she is able to serve.

Carlos Nungaray - Regener8 Wellness + Performance - Co-Owner, Business Manager

Carlos Nungaray

Business Manager

Victoria Islas - Regener8 Wellness + Performance - Nutrition Coach, Marketing Manager

Victoria Islas

Marketing Manager

Patient Testimonials

Brittini AnneBrittini Anne
23:57 22 Apr 24
My experience here was nothing short of amazing. I was so apprehensive and nervous when I first went and they quickly reassured me and made me feel extremely comfortable. Lindsy and Carlos are so genuine and knowledgeable. They pour their heart and soul into helping people find answers and give them the best possible treatment. Lindsy is very competent and I trust her guidance. When I went in, I was feeling horrible. She quickly did labs and took almost an hour to discuss them all with me. She was bery thorough and after getting the treatment I needed, I feel like myself again!! I can not say enough good things about this place. They saved me.
Dario CortezDario Cortez
11:44 18 Apr 24
Eva LopezEva Lopez
04:44 11 Apr 24
This is my personal experience with the lack of hormones. I was not sleeping well, hair loss, anxiety, restless, irritable, and skin dryness. I am thankful to have learned Dr. Lindsey practices hormonal therapy which helped me in restoring my health back to normal.Hormonal therapy has me feeling much better, energetic, and I get the best restful sleep. Thanks be to God for giving Dr. Lindsey the gift of healing people.
04:18 07 Apr 24
Lindsey is excellent. She takes the time to make sure you understand your lab results and options. She offers great advice and easy to follow instructions. She’s not like other healthcare providers who just try to get you in and out of the office as quickly as possible. Carlos, at the front desk, is great also. He always makes sure I have my follow ups and extras for my home care kits.
Irish HoltryIrish Holtry
05:07 05 Apr 24
The staff is professional and provide a great experience. I am very happy with the services that I received.
M R RiosM R Rios
05:22 16 Mar 24
I can't say enough how thankful i am for Lindsy and Carlos. I have suffered with PCOS for the past few years and have been to mutiple doctors and no one has been able to help me manage my symptoms or help treat it. Lindsy from the beginning explained everything in detail to me and did a personalized case plan for me. Since starting in January the changes I have seen with in my body and management of my PCOS have been amazing, I am finally getting results that I have been waiting years for. I highly recommend Regener8 if your looking for results with your health and wellness Lindsy and Carlos provide top health care services that I feel no one can compete with.
Anthony RiosAnthony Rios
05:19 16 Mar 24
Love this place and the people there, I have been dealing with so much tiredness, metabolic issues and injuries. Lindsy and Carlos are heaven sent! They take the time and energy to really find out your root issues, as well as help formulate a game plan tailored to you, that produces results, given you follow there plan. Im feeling amazing and now on a journey to better health, as a male 40+ with multiple injuries, I've been making great improvements, I highly recommend Regener8 wellness+performance!
Trevin JacobsonTrevin Jacobson
23:03 08 Mar 24
Britani NunesBritani Nunes
18:27 13 Feb 24
I’ve been seeing Lindsay for 6mths so far ….I love the energy I have, anxiety has decreased, and I feel amazing. I can’t thank her and her husband enough for all they have done for my health. She really takes the time to listen and help.
Elijah VillasenorElijah Villasenor
21:08 10 Feb 24
I am extremely grateful for Lindsy. She has been a big help to my life and has helped me achieve many of my goal’s weather that would be in the gym or with my health. Going to Regener8 has allowed me to gain access to information about my body that i didn’t once know. When I sat down and talk to Lindsy about my weight lose goals she assessed my whole body and gave me the best plan to help me achieve these goals! She also helped me by recognizing what vitamins my body was deficient in and how i was about to get my vitamin levels back to normal. For anyone looking to take the first step in bettering your health regener8 is the place for you!!
Rosa Maria ArreolaRosa Maria Arreola
01:20 10 Feb 24
I can’t express how much I have loved their service. Lindsy and Carlos are both really nice. They are always willing to work with my schedule to get me in and Lindsy is always available when I have a question. Great customer service always makes you want to go back! Definitely recommend 💯
Dominique McHoneDominique McHone
00:43 09 Feb 24
Lindsy has the best attitude and knowledgeable! She knows her product, the human body, and explained my lab work the way I could understand. Since the first day I left her office I have felt heard and understood by a provider. Now I feel healthier and that is thanks to Lindsy and her amazing staff. They are in the business to help us feel our best!
John ParuleskiJohn Paruleski
22:37 28 Jan 24
Dr Lindsy is AWESOME! Since coming to her I have way more energy, my body feels better, I’ve lost 15lbs in 3 months while increasing my muscle mass. Feeling great!
Hugo Meza-OvandoHugo Meza-Ovando
23:40 25 Jan 24
Lindsy is so knowledgeable and goes into depth with your lab results . I like how she lays out he options you have according to what you want or need. The results are amazing . I feel so strong and energized . I would recommend anyone who feels off or tired or sleepy or even just wants to check out their blood work to visit or call REGENER8! I appreciate how they are willing to work with your schedule to make an appointment. Excellent customer service and make you comfortable.
Teena BTeena B
19:38 24 Jan 24
A friend mentioned how they had a great experience at Regener8, so I thought I'd try them out. Lindsy analyzed the data, took into account my personal health history, and offered a customized treatment. She answered all of my questions and concerns. A truly great experience.
Lupita CastroLupita Castro
17:19 27 Nov 23
I can’t even begin to explain how grateful and thankful I am for finding Regener8. Since I stepped foot into the office, I have always felt welcomed and at peace.I had not been feeling like myself and got tested (blood panel.) Not to mention that you get your blood drawn with her and get the results within days! All done in house; to me that is a huge plus! Lindsy found a solution/treatment for me and I have not felt better in years! I wish I would have found her sooner in life.She truly cares for your well being and helps you understand what is best for your health.I can not recommend this office enough! Call and make an appointment NOW, you won’t regret it!
Ashley FreytagAshley Freytag
03:10 14 Nov 23
This is such a welcoming office. I feel so fortunate to have found Lindsy. She truly listened and devised a plan to get me back on track and feeling better. She is very thorough in going over labs and explaining things in great detail. Her compassion for her patients is unmatched. I’m excited to be on this wellness journey with her.
Susan SwensonSusan Swenson
03:00 10 Nov 23
I am so thankful to have been referred to Lindsy. She has helped me so much in just a couple of weeks. I found labs that should have been monitored because of medication were never done for my hormones. I have been a mess. Zero testosterone and very low on other levels. I am feeling and sleeping so much better already and I'm also working on weight loss. She not only listens but generally really cares about her patients. She is a blessing and a rock star in my book. If you need answers and help, someone who listens make an appointment!
Anthony CoronadoAnthony Coronado
21:27 25 Sep 23
I was at the point of giving up. I would wake up every morning and not want to get out of bed. Lethargic doesn’t even to begin to describe what I was going through. I felt weak, depressed, bloated, anxious and pretty much every negative thing you can feel. I got tested and was told my testosterone was really low. I started doing research and found Regener8. After meeting with Lindsay and Carlos, I was impressed and decided to go through with Testosterone pellets. It took a couple of weeks to kick in, but holy cow!!! I literally feel like a new man. My energy levels increased drastically, my strength is back and better than before. I can put up more weight and recover so much faster in the gym. Pain and inflammation seemed to disappear. I highly recommend this procedure. And yes… the bedroom performance is a major plus.
Adriana BandyAdriana Bandy
06:27 13 Aug 23
I’m extremely grateful to be a patient at Regener8 Wellness + Performance! Lindsy thoroughly explained to me the results of my bloodwork and levels. She also suggested a plan with steps towards achieving optimal hormone levels to help me reach my body composition goals. The in-house InBody scan was also very helpful in giving me insight to the makeup of my body and I will be returning regularly to track my progress. Thank you to Lindsy and her awesome staff for blessing our Yuma community with their valuable knowledge and compassion to those of us seeking to live healthier, functional lives.

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